Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has appealed to artists to create content that promotes societal values and norms, across generations while attending the launch of musicians and content creators Kevin and Diana Bahati’s new reality show.

Mr Gachagua also urged  artists of all genres  to shun, and raise awareness on  negative impacts of drug abuse for a healthy nation.

Speaking in Nairobi, at the launch of ‘The Bahati’s Empire’ on Netflix, the Deputy President said artists have a huge role in shaping the moral direction of the society.

The Bahati Empire is the first Kenyan reality show to air via Netflix, the global entertainment platform that is home to over 222 million subscribers in over 190 countries globally.

While congratulating Bahati for this major feat, Mr Gachagua said it is possible to influence morals through creation of content that resonates with the realities of contemporary global society. He told the star-studded event that good content is one that preserves, promotes and projects values and norms of the people.

“Kenya as a society, we have values. We also have traditions and culture that we uphold. We have children, who watch your content. What are you (artists) telling them? Be mindful of our children. Come up with content that does not corrupt our young people,” the Deputy President told the forum which comprised leading Kenyans in the Creatives. 

In this debut show, Mr Gachagua said Bahati has shown other artists that it is possible to rise and break barriers, and insisted that content must cause positive impact to the society.

“While Bahati has pioneered in this reality show, we have a moment to also showcase what Kenya has to offer the world of entertainment through clean, captivating, informative and highly influential content,” he said.

Several artists in the various genres under the Creative Industry were present during the launch.

Mr Gachagua asked them to avoid abusing drugs, and support the Government in the fight against this vice. The Deputy President has been leading the war on illicit brews, drugs and substance abuse in the country.

“Keep off drugs and other substances that can be harmful to your mental and physical being. It is critical for a successful future. Create content that highlights the dangers of drugs to the society. In so doing, you could have more impact on society,” the Deputy President said.

While commending Bahati for investing and philanthropy, Mr Gachagua encouraged the artists to be frugal with the money they make in their hey days.

“Money is good. Invest wisely when you are young. I encourage you to build houses for your families, not renting. One day, you will tell your children that you invested for them,” he said.

The Deputy President also challenged the artists to remember those who supported them to thrive in their career.

Mr Gachagua also he asked them not to pay attention to noses that can distract them from realising the full potential of their talent.

“The higher you go, the more the bullying. Never get swayed by cyberbullying. Please ignore bullying and be focused. I have been bullied. If I paid attention, I could not be where I am (Deputy President),” he said.

The Deputy President said he would.not be distracted from his focus of assisting President William Ruto deliver on his promise to the people.

The Ruto Administration, he added, values the Creative Industry and will continue improving the ecosystem for the sector to thrive, adding that the President and him have full confidence in the potential of the youth in transforming the economy.

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