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DP Gachagua asks Kenyans to ignore critics of the govt’s economy

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua at a past event.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has assured Kenyans that the revival of the economy is on course and asked them to ignore the Opposition’s noise and criticism of the ongoing initiatives by the Government to rebuild the nation.

He said the economy is stable and out of danger, and Kenyans should not worry.

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“We are working to rebuild our economy. Do not be misled by the Opposition’s noises. Even the late President Mwai Kibaki found a beaten economy and was fought and criticized by the Opposition at the beginning of his first term but he performed,” said Gachagua on Sunday.

He told worshippers at Karatina PCEA Church in Nyeri County, that like President Ruto, President Kibaki faced similar criticism on taxation measures.

The Deputy President said the Azimio Coalition was painting Government in bad light despite the measures deployed to create jobs and rebuilding the country’s economy.

“In 2004 and 2005 Kibaki was being fought because of taxes such as the Value Added Tax (VAT). People could not understand, but towards the end of the term, Kenyans appreciated because he had been able to rebuild the economy. The same is happening today against President Ruto, we found a beaten economy. We started afresh and so far we are getting on well. The economy was in ICU, but it is recovering due to the hard work of the President. Things are getting better. The President and I are not asleep. We are doing the best and Kenya is rising rise,” said Gachagua.

He enumerated achievements of the Kenya Kwanza administration such as employment of 56,000 teachers, streamlining the cash trader program, reduction of fertilizer from Ksh 7,000 to Ksh 2,500 and the dropping of the price of maize flour.

He added that road contractors, who had left site over lack of money, have started resuming work since the Ruto Administration has sourced the funds.

At the church service the Deputy President was accompanied by his Spouse Pastor Dorcas Rigathi and their family, Nyeri Senator Wahome Wamatinga, Mathira MP Eric Wamumbi, Principal Secretary, State Department for Energy Alex Wachira, Kenya’s Ambassador to India Peter Munyiri, Peter Weru (Chairman KARLO and former Mathira MP), MCAs among other leaders.

On the ongoing crackdown against alcoholism in Central Kenya and drug abuse, the Deputy President said the exercise was 70 per cent successful and the national government administrators were working on the remaining 30 per cent.

He, however, asked the church to join the exercise and support the government’s exercise.

“On alcoholism war, so far so good and it is 70 per cent successful. The National Government Administration Officers told me the exercise is ongoing. I am so happy, the youth are now clean and searching for jobs. I urge the officers to continue and finish the remaining 30 per cent. I urge the Church to talk to our young people, mentor them and inform them about the dangers of drugs,” he said.

He asked Kenyans to maintain peace and cohesion during the festive season.

Pastor Rigathi said the boy-child needs to be empowered and dignified.

“We have to restore the dignity of the Boy Child in the country. The youth want jobs as they recover from drugs. We want to see the young men working for the Government.

We are working with the government ministries in the youth reforms and the fight against drugs,” she said.

Senator Wamatinga said the leaders in the region will continue supporting the Deputy President and the government’s initiatives such as eradication of illicit brews.

They called on the government to crack down the resurgence of illegal groups such as Mungiki.

“We won’t allow the return of illegal groups. Mungiki should not be allowed to make a comeback. We are going to remain united as Mt Kenya leaders and dignify the Deputy President,” said Wamatinga.

The Deputy President later shared Christmas gifts with his neighbours at his residence.


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