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DP Gachagua vows crackdown on fake drugs, unlicensed pharmacies


The Government is intensifying the fight against the sale of fake and counterfeit medicines to rid the country of harmful drugs sold in licensed and unlicensed outlets, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has said.

The DP said security officers will work closely with the Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya and other agencies to identify crooks and criminals operating pharmacists and chemists illegally and take lawful action against them.

Speaking on Wednesday when he opened the Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya International Scientific Conference in Mombasa, Gachagua said collaborative efforts between the Government and the professionals is crucial for the successful battle against the merchants of the harmful drugs.

“One of our weak points in the fight against drugs and substance abuse are some pharmacists and chemists that are dispensing unprescribed drugs over the counter. We have many young people, even in Mombasa, who get syrups from the establishments and mix them with other things to make dangerous concoctions that are harmful to them,” he said.

Further, the DP asked the members of the Society to be more responsible in protecting the sanctity of their profession by flushing out those tainting them.

“I call upon the professionals running the pharmacists and chemists to live up to their oath and do the right thing. Don’t dispense unprescribed drugs over the counter. We must also have a good record of all the drugs dispensed,” he urged.

To ensure success in the crackdown, he said all the officers based at the counties have been instructed to fully collaborate with the professionals and other respective agencies.

“There are many quacks who have opened pharmacies and chemists. We will provide security and intelligence teams to help in cracking them down, to shut them down and take firm action against the crooks,” he stated.

While acknowledging the good work done by the majority of the pharmacists, he said their role in the rolling out of the Universal Health Coverage is indispensable.

“The pharmacists are the backbone of our health sector. It is critical that you are professional because if you dispense the wrong drug, the whole value-chain from consultation through diagnosis will be in vain,” he observed.

At the same time, the DP while congratulating the PSK for its 60th anniversary, challenged the members of the Society to improve their participation in the formulation of policies and pieces of legislation crucial to the sector.

“That is why we are excited that, among other legal and policy frameworks, PSK has ignited and sustained a robust discourse among professionals, other sector actors, and the public, on the Kenya Drugs Authority Bill, 2022. Among other matters, the Bill proposes the establishment of a single regulatory body on Human and Animal medicines in fulfilment of the Health Act, 2017,” he said.