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Farmers urged to adopt modern technologies to address climate change

Small scale farmers from Kaimbaga Ward in Nyandarua County have received training on best farming practices in the wake of dwindling production associated with the adverse effects of climate change.

The training conducted through machinery Ring project, focused on soil preparation all through to post harvest, with beneficiaries encouraged to adopt mechanization in their operations.

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Machinery Ring Project manager Patrick Okello says Mechanization in the agri-food sector remains key in efforts aimed at developing rural Africa by ensuring sustainable increase in production thereby addressing food insecurity.

Okello says majority of farmers lack modern and appropriate agricultural technology to reap from associated benefits adding that deep tillage is not only a reason for low yields, but also for progressive soil degradation.

According to Okello, without the incorporation of crop residues, organic material cannot decompose in the soil which in turn increases the spread of soil-borne plant pathogens and reduces humus formation leading to increased use of chemical pesticides.

Machinery Ring manager Andreas Hasterdt says there is a need to enlighten small scale farmers on the importance of using modern machinery in farming as a way of addressing the challenge of food insecurity that has been exacerbated by climate change.

Andreas  says soil degradation in Africa has been majorly contributed by poor land preparation methods through use of old fashioned equipment such as disc plow which does not break soil hardpan leading to poor water drainage.



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