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Give dialogue a chance, Mwaura tells Gen Zs

Government Spokesperson Isaac Mwaura.

Government spokesman Isaac Mwaura has defended the controversial Finance Bill 2024 saying the Kenya Kwanza administration is fully committed to accountability.

In a briefing Saturday night Mwaura said a lot of disinformation and misinformation about the bill was rife.

“Kenya Kwanza is committed to accountability to ensure we are self-reliant. I joined and listened to the Twitter Space conversation but we were not allowed to speak, which is unfair. Let me be sincere, there were too many lies being peddled” he said.

He however noted that some of the taxes for which there was tension in the country such as the 16 percent VAT on bread and 5pc tax on mobile money transfer as well as the motor vehicle tax had also been dropped from the bill.

Mwaura at the same time alleged that foreign powers could be behind the anti-Finance Bill protests by Kenyan youth.

“Majority of those who joined were from Diaspora. Many have their motives. Kuna group mahali ambayo nikiangalia there could be a foreign hand ” he noted.

Mwaura said that while genuine concerns are being raised, there could be other political motives behind the protests. The government spokesman called on Kenyan youth to exercise restraint.

Kenya’s Generation Z have vowed to continue with the protests this week.

“I understand your concerns (GenZ) but let us dialogue. We should not distabilise our peaceful country.  Njooni tusemezane. Kenya itainuka na kusimama kwa umoja na uzalendo” he stated.