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Government assures of faster processing of  Passports, ID Cards

The Government has put in place guidelines that will assist in fast-tracking the issuance of passports and ID cards

In its commitment to improve the welfare of Kenyans in all aspects of life, the Government has undertaken to meet its promises that binds it to a covenant of socio-political inclusion and economic empowerment of all citizens, and respond to the people’s needs, that include faster processing of these vital documents.

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Speaking during a press briefing at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) in Nairobi, the Government Spokesperson, Dr Isaac Mwaura, said the covenant put the government on its toes and true to its commitment, through the Bottom-up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA).

While acknowledging Kenyan’s complaints of delayed issuance of passports, Dr Mwaura confirmed that the problem is being addressed, attributing its persistence to delayed supply and slow delivery by suppliers of the 34-page passport booklets, which normally goes for Sh. 4,550.

He disclosed that the documents are usually printed outside the country for security reasons, leaving only the applicant’s Bio-data page to be printed locally upon application.

However, Dr Mwaura re-affirmed that a consignment of the booklets has been sourced and will land in the country soon and the problem will be a thing of the past.

“In the meantime, those with urgent needs for a passport are advised to apply for the 50-page passports, which are in plenty,” he advised.

On the issuance of National IDs, Dr Mwaura said that the Government is aware of the problem of acquiring identity cards by eligible youths, which has been caused by a Court Order, suspending the production of the 3rd generation Identity Cards, pending an appeal by the Government.

The Government Spokesperson, further revealed that 600,000 applications for the cards are pending at the civil registration offices countrywide, even as some other 684,000 IDs lie uncollected by the applicants across the country.

He assured the public that once the appeal is granted, the government will embark on massive production of the vital identification documents with the aim of clearing the backlog within the shortest time possible.

“We appeal to those yet to collect their documents to do so, in order to avoid inconveniences in their official, as well as private transactions,” said Dr Mwaura.

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