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Government commits to upscale accreditation services


Government has reaffirmed its unwavering commitment to harnessing accreditation as a catalyst for positive transformation and advancement. 

The Trade Ministry says it will provide support to the Kenya Accreditation Service, (KENAS) as it seeks to review the KENAS Act (2019) as a way of strengthening the institution to make it more responsive to the emerging needs of the society.

Speaking during the World Accreditation Day (WAD) 2024 celebrations Monday at Panari Sky Hotel in Nairobi, Trade Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Miano said accreditation serves as an enabler in various economic sectors noting that it stands as a cornerstone of trust and reliability, ensuring that products, services, and systems meet stringent standards of quality, health and safety.

”My ministry recognizes the indispensable role of accreditation in fostering innovation, driving economic growth, and promoting sustainable development.” Said CS Miano.

While acknowledging the role accreditation assumes in the rapidly evolving landscape, characterized by digitalization, technological advancements, CS Miano noted that  accreditation serves as a catalyst for embracing emerging technologies, facilitating their seamless integration into the industries and daily lives.

She urged technology industry players to embrace and champion safe innovation that meets set standards to enhance service delivery.

The World Accreditation Day celebrations saw calls for capacity building initiatives on safe innovation taking the centre stage.

World Accreditation Day, observed annually on June 9, is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of accreditation in ensuring quality and safety across various sectors with this year’s theme being, ”empowering tomorrow and shaping the future”.

According to CS Miano, accreditation contributes to sustainability of goals by promoting environmentally friendly practices and supporting initiatives aimed at conserving natural resources.

She promised to work closely with KENAS and other partners to finalise the formulation of the Kenya Quality Policy which is now at an advanced stage.

”As we look to the future, it is incumbent upon us to harness the full potential of accreditation to address the complex challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Through collaboration and partnership between government, industry stakeholders, and accreditation bodies, we can build a more resilient, inclusive, and prosperous future for all Kenyans.” She noted.

Chief Executive Officer, (CEO) Kenya Accreditation Service, (KENAS) Dr. Walter Ongeti

Speaking at the same forum, the Chief Executive Officer, (CEO) KENAS Dr. Walter Ongeti said, the Authority is aligned with the government’s agenda to boost manufacturing and drive export-led growth

“Accreditation is the cornerstone of quality and trust in our rapidly evolving world. We are aligned with the government’s agenda to boost manufacturing and drive export-led growth. Accreditation ensures product acceptability, safety, and quality.” He said.

On his part, CEO, ICT Authority, Stanley Kamanguya, pointed out that the rapid pace of technological advancements brings about new challenges related to security, privacy, and ethical considerations, hence the need for robust accreditation frameworks.




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