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Governor Mwangaza calls on Senate to intervene in Meru leadership wrangles

Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza now wants the Senate Devolution Committee to intervene in the ongoing squabbles with the Members of the County Assembly (MCAs).

In a letter addressed to the Senate Speaker Amason Kingi on 9th October, 2023, Governor Mwangaza noted that she had reconciled with the MCAs and have enjoyed a cordial working relationship for the last eight months until differences began to reappear recently.

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“I write at the instant to bring to your attention of a simmering dispute that my government is currently facing,” the letter reads in part.

Mwangaza, who elected on an independent ticket decried the lack of MCAs to push her administration’s agendas in the County Assembly.

The Governor also noted that she has relied to the support of the UDA party to advance the executive’s agenda in the County assembly but the MCAs have since withdrawn their support.

“On 23 September, 2023 the UDA Party called a meeting through the leader of majority Hon. Evans Mawira and at the end of the meeting they addressed the members of press by indicating that they have withdrawn their support to the Governor and that they will soon bring a motion to impeach me ‘for incompetence’,” said Mwangaza.

She adds that the DEP Party which is a minority party in the County Assembly of Meru also took a similar stand.

“From that day all the members of the County Assembly who have directly expressed their support to my government are being harassed either by the Minority Whip of the Assembly or the Majority whip of the Assembly. This has reached the extent that some of the members have been removed from the sectoral committees of the house,” said Mwangaza.

In addition, Mwangaza accused Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi and Members of Parliament drawn from Meru County of inciting the MCAs against her leadership.

“They have been calling press conferences and beating war drums on how they are going to impeach me for ‘incompetence’. My deputy Governor has gone to the extent of calling members of the County Assembly who have openly come to support my government and wooing them to support him to have me removed instead. At the opportune moment I am willing and able to bring evidence to that effect,” she said.

Devolution committee is set to visit the county next week in a bid to mediate over the differences between Governor Mwangaza, the Deputy Governor and MCAs.

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