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HELB begins disbursement of tuition loans to Universities, TVET

The Higher Education Loans Board [HELB] Wednesday started the disbursement of tuition loans to Universities and TVET Institutions.

According to a statement,HELB CEO Charles Ringera noted that the upkeep loans for the over 175,000 undergraduate and over 70,000 TVET continuing students under the Old Higher Education Funding Model [OFM] is currently being disbursed to students.

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The funds are being distributed as per the students´ respective preferred payment channels that is the Bank account or HELB Mobile Wallet.

“The Higher Learning Institutions (HLIs) – Universities and Colleges are advised to allow students to register as tuition fees to various institutions have also been released and should reflect in the respective bank accounts of the HLIs by 5th October 2023.” Said Ringera.

The HELB CEO Ringera noted that for the First-Time students applying for Funding under the New Higher Education Funding Model [NFM] for both Loans and Scholarships.

As per the extension granted by the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Education, Ezekiel Machogu on 5th September 2023, the deadline for application is 7th October 2023.

“The processing and disbursement of the Loans and Scholarships for both tuition and upkeep will follow shortly after the deadline date of 7th October 2023.” Ringera said.


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