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Kakamega Assistant Chief on the spot for preying on teenage girls

Kakamega County First Lady, Prof. Janet Kasili Barasa has called out an Assistant Chief for allegedly preying on teenage girls and sleeping with them even as she vows to tame teenage pregnancy cases.

Without mentioning his identity, Prof Barasa noted that the Assistant Chief lures young girls by buying them phones and giving them pocket money.

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She called for the arrest of the Assistant Chief noting that he is going against part of his mandate of protecting children.

“I have received complaints about the Assistant chief and I cannot keep silent over the matter, we want our children to study and progress well in life,” she noted.

In addition, she urged parents to take care of their teenage girls, provide for their needs like sanitary pads and be available to give them advice.

She said lack of access to sanitary towels is exposing some girls to vulnerability with men taking advantage of those needs, to have sex with them.

“They look for boyfriends to support them to buy sanitary towels, and once they purchase the towels those boyfriends ask them to pay back,” she pointed out.

She warned some boda boda riders for taking advantage of offering free rides to young girls ending up impregnating and dumping them.

“I am also irked with a trend where grandfathers are defiling grandchildren. Please men, if you are in need of a woman, look for someone who is mature, keep away from children,” she advised.

Prof Kasili also warned against solving problems through Kangaroo Courts especially on issues involving children.

“Let us allow the law to take its course on issues involving children so that they can get justice and those involved to face the law. I want us to reduce evil in the society because many things are happening and we cover them up,” she noted.

Prof Kasili said cases of teenage pregnancy are destroying the future of young girls who are forced to quit school and look for ways to sustain themselves and their young ones.

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