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Kenya to receive Ksh 841M to support climate action initiatives

Kenya is set to receive Ksh 841 million from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to support climate action initiatives across the country.

This investment targets Kenya’s carbon market, clean air initiatives and will also be geared towards ensuring the integrity, transparency, and equity of Kenya’s participation in global carbon markets.

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USAID will also invest Ksh 203 million to support the government in developing its carbon market activation plan, regulatory and legal framework.

In addition, USAID has officially expanded its Clean Air Catalyst initiative to Nairobi. This flagship effort with an investment of Ksh 420.5 million is already active in Jakarta, Indonesia, and Indore, India, focuses on reducing air pollution in Nairobi.

The initiative in partnership with local government leaders will address air pollution from key sources, including transportation and waste burning to improve air quality for Nairobi’s residents.

Moreover, through its Development Innovation Ventures program, USAID is planning to invest Ksh 217.5 million to facilitate the expansion of Kenya’s BasiGo electric bus.

This will contribute to scaling up access to clean and green public transport in the region, with sustainable transportation solutions.


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