Alternative R&B Kenyan singer-songwriter, Xenia Manasseh is set to release her 11-track upcoming album dubbed Love/Hate Pt.1 on September 1.

Her debut project is expected to resonate with her fans from all walks of life as it delves into real universal issues with features that include Tay Iwar and Shalom Dubas.

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Ahead of the album’s release, she released the first single off the project called “Anticipate” featuring fellow Kenyan Karun.

Speaking about the lead single she said, “It came from a place where Karun and I were afraid to tap into an emotion we have both experienced and we admit it,” adding, “Anticipate is a song that revolves around time and wanting to move forward from a current state of uncertainty by chasing the feeling of what it used to be.”

“Anticipate” is streaming on all digital platforms and offers insight into the sound and issues explored in her upcoming album.

Xenia released the official tracklist for the album early this week and it features some already released singles including “Niambie”, and “Low Key.”

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