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Khalwale’s caretaker to be buried Monday

Kizito Amukune Moi, Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale's caretaker

Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale’s caretaker Kizito Amukune Moi will be buried Monday.  

This following autopsy results that revealed the deceased died of injuries resulting from an attack by an animal.

Addressing the press in Kakamega Saturday, Dr. Odour the Government Chief Pathologist Dr. Johansen Odour confirmed that Kizito was killed by Khalwale’s fighter bull.

Dr. Odour said the autopsy revealed that the deceased exhibited multiple visible injuries on his body, one on the right hand of his forehead, neck the other one was on the inner thigh of his left leg adding that the injuries were penetrative.

He also noted that the injuries had some bruises around them.

He said the injuries were caused by something which was penetrating but not very sharp which is in keeping with the horn of an animal.

Dr. James Akhonya who was representing the complainants who had alleged foul play concurred with the government chief pathologist’s findings.

The family members led by his brother Frederick Ashyono welcomed the findings saying they were now ready for the burial ceremony.

The late 47-year-old Kizito died on January 27th at Senator Khalwale’s residence in Malinya, Ikolomani.




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