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Kindiki:  IPOA right to investigate rogue police officers

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki on Thursday defended the work of the Independent Policing and Oversight Authority (IPOA). He says the authority is well within its mandate trying to shed a spotlight on rogue elements within the police service.

Amid the debate, Kindiki reiterated that there is no conflict between the work done by the Inspector General of Police, the National Police Service Commission, and IPOA and that none is opposed to the other.

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“There is no contradiction. What is there is complementarity and mutual support of each of the roles of the different institutions,” said CS Kindiki during a joint commemorative service for National Police Service and Kenya Prisons Service fallen heroes at the National Police Service College, Embakasi ‘A’ Campus, Nairobi County.

Kindiki said officers who abuse their privilege and mishandle their firearms ought to be punished per the law.

“Kama afisa wa polisi amechukua bundiki, ameingia kwa club, amelewa na amekataa kulipa bill halafu anauwa watu, we have no business with those kinds of officers. Wafungwe kabisa hata wasitoke,” charged the CS

“To IPOA, we support your oversight of police officers who misuse their firearms. In the process of misusing their firearms they are adulterating, damaging and diluting the splendid and sacrificial work which is being down by 99% of officers especially those who are working in the frontline,” the Interior Minister reiterated

Kindiki noted that he has observed the work being done by officers to ensure the safety of Kenyans and see to it that law and order prevail and that such efforts should be appreciated by all and sundry.

He insists that the kind of security operations that officers conduct in countering the threat of terror and dangerous criminals like armed bandits who have terrorized many people in the country, must not be confused with misuse of firearms by 1% of officers, a proportion he describes as a “very small minority of our officers,” who are tainting the image of National Police Service.

“I have been to every county and every corner of this republic including the most dangerous operational areas. For those who understand the risk, and the exposure, that our officers go through every day, it’s nowhere near what the discussions in towns is about,” he said

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