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Konza Technopolis partners with dx⁵ for Smart Gov Summit 2023

Josephine Ndambuki, the Chief Manager, Business Development & Innovation, Konza and Andrew Karanja, Director, dx⁵ after signing the partnership deal.

Konza Technopolis City has entered a partnership with dx⁵ (formerly CIO Africa) for the upcoming Smart Gov Summit 2023 slated to occur on September 28th and 29th in Nairobi at the Edge Convention Centre, College of Insurance.

The event seeks to bring together individuals from government, public administration, government agencies, and the technology sector across Africa, providing a platform to discuss the latest trends, technologies, and best practices related to technology in government operations.

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The collaboration between Konza Technopolis and dx⁵ signifies a significant step in the direction of comprehensive digital transformation within the government sector. The ongoing growth in the government technology sector is reflected in The National Treasury’s recent allocation of $107.7 million in FY 2022/23 to enhance access to digitized services and internet connectivity across the country.

Josephine Ndambuki, Chief Manager of Business Development & Innovation at Konza, elucidates the driving force behind this partnership.

She says, “Our current approach envisions Konza having two facets. We are in the process of developing a smart city, while simultaneously contributing to a Robust Knowledge Economy powered by Research, innovation, and Commercialization of innovation in partnership with actors in Academia, Industry, Development Organizations and Government with Citizens at the center of this Development. This holistic boundaries and we term the quadruple-helix approach, serves as our foundation for fostering collaboration, transcending boundaries, and propelling the development and commercialization impactful digital solutions.” And growth of the Tech sector in Kenya.

Harry Hare, Chairman of dx⁵, elaborates on the intent of the Smart Gov Summit. He explains, “The idea behind Smart Gov is to bring together government officials, technology experts, thought leaders, and stakeholders to share insights, best practices, and case studies related to the implementation of smart government solutions. Aside from providing opportunities to network, discuss trends, raise awareness, and educate on what government is doing, this Summit will foster collaborations between the private sector and the public sector,” said Harry Hare, Chairman, dx⁵.

“The Summit will consist of selected roundtables, each with thought leaders from both sectors. These conversations and discussions on digital transformation will then document and chart the way forward.”

The partnership between Konza Technopolis and dx⁵ underscores the commitment to advancing digital empowerment and innovation. The Smart Gov Summit 2023 provides an opportunity for these shared goals to materialize. The collaborative efforts between the public and private sectors, driven by dx⁵, intend to expedite digital transformation, enhance digital literacy, and encourage pioneering solutions.

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