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Maina Njenga, two others released on Ksh100,000 cashbail

Former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga, his brother Peter Njoroge and Felix Ratu have been released on Ksh100,000 cashbail.

Chief Magistrate Francis Kyambia has released Maina Njenga on 100,000 cash bail or an alternative of 200,000 bond

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Makadara chief magistrate, Francis Kyambia, also gave an alternative of a 200,000 shillings bond to each of the accused persons.

According to the charge sheet, Maina is alleged to be in possession of 14 machetes, 24 Maasai swords, 46 rungus, and three jembe sticks.

The magistrate said he had considered the submissions by the defence and the prosecution before granting the bail terms.

Njenga was arrested on Wednesday last week alongside his two brothers and his personal assistant Ole Lekishe.

The magistrate said it was the accused persons’ constitutional to be released on bail pending trial as the prosecution had not proved how the accused would interfere with witnesses.

The DCI Serious Crime Unit alleges that they have reasonable presumption that the said offensive weapons were intended to be used in a manner prejudicial to public order. The case will be heard on December 4.

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