The Music Copyright Society of Kenya CEO, Ezekiel Mutua is concerned about the state of social media.

Taking the time to weigh in on the Steve Harvey rumours, the MCSK boss called social media vile and toxic.

“If the Steve Harvey divorce story is a hoax then social media is so vile, toxic and unfair,” the MCSK boss said.

Over the weekend, rumours alleging that Harvey’s wife, Marjorie Bridges, 58, had cheated on him with the couple’s bodyguard and personal chef began circulating on X – the app formerly known as Twitter. Further, the rumours also alleged that Harvey was considering divorce from the mother of three.

Further reacting to the story, Mr Mutua said, “ I pray that those who mean well for humanity can rally together to protect reputations and families and not allow rumour mongers and incorrigible people to ruin others through this space.”

Taking an issue with the rumour mongers himself, Harvey later dismissed the cheating and divorce claims during his appearance at Invest 2023 in which he asked the perpetrators to “find something else to do.”

In a now-viral TikTok video shared online, Harvey said, “’Before I get started, just let me say, I’m fine. Marjorie’s fine.”

As the crowd cheered he continued, “’I don’t know what y’all doing, but find something else to do ’cause we fine. Lord have mercy. Man…I ain’t got no time for rumours and gossip. God’s been good to me, I’m still shining.