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Mudavadi warns against reckless utterances on AU chairperson’s quest

Politicians have been warned against making reckless utterances concerning Kenya’s bid to front a candidate in the African Union.

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi regretted that utterances by a section of politicians might weaken Kenya’s quest for the top continental job.

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He says politicians should treat the matter with the seriousness it deserves and put the interest of the country first.

“The issue is not about getting someone a job as a reward. The question should be what will be Kenya’s interest if we have our candidate win. What Kenya is offering the continent in terms of leadership is the bigger picture we should be looking at,” said Mudavadi.

“We need to understand that Kenya is a member among the 55 other members of AU, and the chairperson’s position is not about individuals but the nation as a member,” added Mudavadi.

Mudavadi told politicians to stop making the AU bid a Raila Odinga issue as an individual but recognize the fact that Kenya fronting a candidate to offer leadership.

He said Kenya is seeking ways it will help in reconciling the continent and solve challenges Africa is facing.

“Once we have established that it is to the nation’s interest, then we can now begin asking ourselves does Raila fit the bill and the answer is, yes,” pointed Mudavadi.

He said Ruto chose Raila as Kenya’s potential candidate because of his vast experience that will help Africa get solutions to the challenges it is facing.

He said Raila has demonstrated the capacity to offer Africa an alternative kind of leadership at the moment being a strong Pan-African with key credentials that when properly utilized will help make a difference in the continental leadership.

“The talk about the AU job being a reward system are misleading. We need to create proper dialogue and look at how the Kenyan leadership will open up connections within African States.” warned Mudavadi.

“What most of our politicians are pronouncing themselves on might undermine our chances of getting the job and it is time we pull together and provide a united front for the sake of putting Kenya on the map of Africa and the globe.” said Mudavadi.

Mudavadi was speaking at the funeral service of veteran publisher and author Mzee Henry Chakava in Vokoli, Sabatia in Vihiga County.

Mudavadi eulogized Chakava as a great son of the soil for Kenya and Africa.

He said the late Chakava deserves a space in the hall of fame as cultural stalwart saying the grim hand of death has deprived the country and the continent of the pride and leviathan of literary independent African publishing.

The late Chakava was a pioneer of indigenous publishing through his East African Educational Publishers company, and he nurtured, promoted and published some of the leading contemporary African writers like Ngugi wa Thiong’o among other re-known authors.

He has been survived by a widow Rosalind Chakava and three daughters Sharon, Laura and Yolanda.

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