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Mutuse calls for sobriety in the one man, one vote, one shilling debate


Kibwezi West Member of Parliament Mwengi Mutuse has called for sobriety and due diligence from both parties in the ongoing nationwide debate about the one man, one shilling, one vote revenue sharing formula.

The Maendeleo Chap Chap MP asserts that in order to advance fair development and shared prosperity for all Kenyans, the discussion must resist the historical propensity to tribalize and regionalize.

“The ultimate resource allocation formula must be one that promotes equitable development and shared prosperity for all Kenyans. In my considered view, such a formula must be weighed or moderated, involving several factors, variables and realities on the ground.” Said Mutuse

According to Mutuse, population plays a significant role in the revenue sharing formula; however, in order to prevent laws and policies from further entrenching inequality, other factors including development levels, geography, the intentional opening up of new economic corridors, and historical marginalization must also be taken into account.

“Kenya today must avoid the mistakes of our founding fathers, where development planning and resource allocation were based only on “productive sectors,” crafted by a few to the exclusion of many. Each part of Kenya has a productive sector capable of contributing to the economy upon exploitation.

Taking electricity to buttress this point instead of clarifying this thinking, current data held by the State Department of Energy shows that many densely populated constituencies have 100 percent connection to the GRID, at least for public institutions. The same data shows many sparsely populated constituencies have under 30 percent connection to the GRID.Why then would a sober development plan advocate for more resources for a constituency that already has 100 percent electricity connection and not the one with under 30 percent? “questions Mutuse

According to the MP, a measured strategy that takes into account the realities of the present and, more significantly, is grounded at the constituency level, would be the wisest course of action.

In order to guarantee that every constituency is aware of its right to development projects at the time of passing the budget, Mutuse is urging both supporters and opponents of the one man, one vote, one shilling to take action.

“The constituency ought to consciously take center stage in the distribution of resources and provision of services by the federal government. This implies that each constituency should be aware of its rights regarding tarmac roads, water projects, power, agricultural, security projects, etc. at the time the budget is passed. By doing this, development patronage will be avoided, and Kenya’s economy would quickly recover.

“The constituency should deliberately become the focal point for national government resource allocation and service delivery.
This means that each constituency should know, at the time of passing the budget, their entitlement for tarmac roads, water projects, electricity, agriculture, security projects, etc. This will avoid development patronage and turn around Kenya’s economy within a very short time. “clarified the MP

It will further connect budget allocation to real results on the ground and ensure oversight and accountability are not only financial but also performance-based.
For example, imagine how beneficial it can be if each constituency were to get at least 10 km of new tarmac roads each year.” Mutuse concluded

Further, the lawmaker has encouraged all politicians to take into account the fact that every region of Kenya is interconnected, that any progress in one area impacts the others, and that all regions require growth at the same time.

His sentiments come at the time of a nationwide discussion led by the Deputy President, who is advocating for the one man, one vote, one shilling revenue allocation formula.


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