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Nandi leaders laud efforts to empower boy child

The spouse of the Deputy President Pastor Dorcas Rigathi is welcomed at Full Gospel Church in Chemase, Nandi County, by Tinderet MP Julius Melly

Leaders from Nandi County have praised the initiatives aimed at empowering the boy child, commending the work of Pastor Dorcas Rigathi, who delivered a sermon at a local church on Sunday.

Speaking at Full Gospel Church in Chemase, Nandi County, Deputy Governor Dr. Yulita Mitei emphasized their commitment to supporting boys and combating alcoholism.

“We recognize your call of leaving no one behind. We need fathers to be present and become role models to our boys. This is one reason why we are experiencing some of the problems we have. When children feel gaps during parenting, they turn to alcoholism,” said DG Dr. Mitei.

Area MP (Tinderet) Julius Melly also praised the efforts to support the boy child, highlighting the importance of empowering both genders for strong and stable communities.

“On the issue of the boy child, we must lift him so he can stand strong in society. We must fight for the boy child to be educated, become a strong father, a great farmer, and a businessman, and leave the gutter where he lies drunk,” said MP Melly.

The MP welcomed the programs of the Office of the Spouse of the Deputy President (OSDP) in Tinderet Constituency, aimed at transforming the lives of citizens.

“We welcome Her Excellency to come here and partner with us in the empowerment of the boy child. I am chairperson of the Boy Child Association to help the boy child who is suffering. Without the boy child, we have no home. Without the boy child, we have no future,” said MP Melly.

Nandi Hills MP Bernard Kitur expressed the willingness of young men in the grassroots to live free of alcohol. “I have been one of the greatest proponents of a life free of alcohol and drugs. We have to stop these. We have to make sure drugs are not sold to our people and also close the excess bars,” said MP Kitur.

Pastor Dorcas committed to continuing her work with the vulnerable in society. She called on the clergy to open their places of worship for the rehabilitation and empowerment of those lost in alcoholism and drug abuse.

“We shall graduate 1,200 who have undergone inpatient rehabilitation. Among them are 207 rehabilitated in Bomet and 66 in Mombasa, among others,” said Pastor Dorcas.

Pastor Dorcas delivered her sermon at Full Gospel Church in Chemase, Nandi County.

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