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Pesapal goes cashless in new tipping feature


Pesapal has introduced a new digital tipping solution that will enable customers make cashless transactions after paying for services.

The process involves adding a tip to their total bill amount directly to the POS (Point -Of-Sale) machine hence eliminating the hustle of searching for cash tips.

“As transactions go cashless, we are adapting our POS machines to accommodate digital tipping. With this new feature, we are providing a convenient way for customers to show their appreciation for good service,” Pesapal Technical Director Fred Mwangima said.

According to PesaPal, the POS will display the total amount due, along with options for adding a tip and customers can choose from preset tip percentages or enter a custom amount where the tip amount is then added to the total bill, and the transaction is complete

Afterward, the tip will then be directly transferred to their mobile wallet.

“We are responding to the current dynamics of the payment landscape that has seen a surge in digital payments as most consumers migrate toward cashless transactions,” Pesapal Group CEO Agosta Liko said.

The feature will be available on all PesaPalSabi POS terminals and merchants in various industry like hospitality, health care and fuel stations can embrace it. Although, those who already have the terminal can easily activate the feature through a simple software update.

A report by McKinsey Global Payment Map estimates Africa’s domestic e-payments market revenue growth by approximately 20pc annually reaching around USD40 billion by 2025.

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