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Scorecard: President Ruto’s governance style

President William Ruto’s leadership style is one that has been viewed as sleeves up, boots on the ground and hands-on.

Political pundit Arnold Maliba says his governance tactic has been viewed differently by different players depending on who you ask.

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“The CSs and PSs are now very concerned about their job because they know the President will call them and ask.” Opines Maliba.

Whereas his critics have described it as one that borders on micromanagement, his allies are of a different school of thought praising him as the president who gets things done. And he has not hesitated to take his critics head-on on his management style.

On the 1st of August at Statehouse during the signing of performance contracts by cabinet secretaries, the president, an ardent timekeeper would generate a public discourse as two cabinet secretaries and some principal secretaries were locked out of the meeting for arriving late.

“I will be looking forward to a personally written explanation on why you were late and don’t use traffic as an excuse,” Ruto said.

This incident and a previous call for timekeeping during the induction of Cabinet Secretaries at Sagana state lodge perhaps prompted CS for Investments, Trade and Industry Moses Kuria to hop onto a bodaboda during a cabinet meeting in Kakamega to avoid arriving late.

“Dereva amechelewa na tuanenda mkutano hapo baraza la Mawaziri na Rais amekuwa mkali bwana. Hio mboka itapotea, wacha story nipeleke,” observed Kuria.

Ruto has also been on working tours across the country and chaired at least two cabinet meetings outside Nairobi in Kakamega and Nyeri.

The president also made impromptu visits to government facilities among them JKIA to ensure operations were as expected.

His wardrobe change is also one of interest to fashion enthusiasts prompting speculation if it was his new signature fashion statement.

He is also known to be a faithful worshiper who rarely misses Sunday service.

As he marks one year in office, his governance style is one that would be of interest to political science students to examine how his out-of-the-box tactics may alter the country’s view on the presidency.

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