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Three nabbed with donkey meat in Embu

Police in Embu County have seized over 20 slaughtered donkey carcasses from a homestead in Kasafari Sub-location, Runyenjes Constituency.

Three suspects were arrested during the 1.30 am raid, with authorities suspecting the meat was intended for circulation in markets like Burma in Nairobi.

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A group of men were observed by members of the public escorting a donkey herd to one of suspects homestead, according to a police report from Runyenjes Police Station.

The officers upon visiting the home found about 15 individuals busy slaughtering the animals, where three suspects were nabbed, while the rest managed to flee.

A Toyota Noah vehicle, pangas, butcher knives, and over 30 sacks were recovered along with items intended for transporting meat to the market.

Following the development, the County Executive for Health Francis Ndwiga said they had already dispatched a team of public health officials to the scene to assess the situation.

Consequently, he advised the public against purchasing meat from unknown sources or uninspected by health officials.

Ndwiga also cautioned the public against purchasing uninspected meat from unknown sources.

Meanwhile, the county administration has intensified surveillance against uninspected meat and other contaminated foodstuffs in the market to prevent the risk of infections.

The suspects are being held at the Runyenjes Police station awaiting to be arraigned in court, even as police continue to pursue their accomplices who managed to escape.



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