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Uhuru, Mama Ngina pay tribute to field marshal Muthoni Kirima

Field marshal Muthoni Kirima.

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta and former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta have joined Kenyans in celebrating the life of freedom fighter field marshal Muthoni Kirima.

In his tribute, Uhuru described Field Marshall Muthoni wa Kirima, as a patriot, a great warrior, and one of the most revered Mau Mau shujaa freedom fighters.

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The former head of state said Muthoni’s footprints moulded and played a crucial role in supporting like-minded leaders, in the fight against colonialism and Kenyans’ rights of political, social and economic growth.

“She is, and remains, in our rich historical liberation struggle and success.  She will not only be remembered for her bravery and courage but also for her diligence and delivery to Kenya,” said Uhuru.

In her eulogy, Mama Ngina said Muthoni’s demise has left a huge vacuum that will be hard to fill, lauding her selflessness and dedication in fighting for the country’s freedom.

“I cherish the memory and joy that we, Field Marshall Muthoni wa Kirima and myself and others, met in the recent past and shared many stories together.  I thank God for the privilege and honor to have known and shared the very challenging difficult period in our country during the colonial government, together with many others, including Field Marshall Muthoni wa Kirima,” she said.

Kirima passed away on September 4 in Nairobi at the age of 92 and her burial ceremony is underway in Tetu, Nyeri County.


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