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What to watch: ‘Boetie Boer’ a look at S.Africa’s secret serial killer

The documentary comes with an advisory for sensitive viewers.

A documentary highlighting the crimes of South Africa’s serial murderer Stewart Wilken has begun streaming on Showmax.

For fans of true-crime documentaries, the new in-depth analysis features interviews conducted by Jasyn Howes with Wilken, expert views from psychologists such as Dr Gérard Labuschagne, the former section head of the Investigative Psychology Section of the South African Police Services and people who were involved in the case like former Child Protection Unit investigator Sergeant Ursula Barnard and Sergeant Derrik Norsworthy formerly of the Murder and Robbery Unit.

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As the documentary’s subject matter may be sensitive to some viewers, it comes with an advisory. Hawes who also spoke with Wilken for this documentary, describes him as disturbing and refers to the content as triggering.

“It is very triggering content but it is fascinating. When Wilken talks about his murders, it’s quite something. He talks about them quite plainly and goes into detail that is shocking. It’s strange hearing a human being talk about what he’s done to other human beings, the most disgusting things possible, like cannibalism and necrophilia, with no emotion.

“It’s his eyes… The way he looks at you is very unsettling. He does look through you, and he has this weird glint in his eyes that, yeah, only a person that’s done what he’s done would have.”

Wilken, the documentary’s subject, is serving seven life sentences for his killing spree in Port Elizabeth, now Gqeberha, in the 90s.

3 episodes of the series are now streaming with new episodes on Wednesdays until November 15.

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