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Xiamen hosts China-Africa Internet Cooperation Forum

The 2024 China-Africa Internet Development and Cooperation Forum is being held on Tuesday and Wednesday in Xiamen, East China’s Fujian province.

An online media sub-forum organized by the China Daily has been convened to deepen the collaboration between Chinese and African digital media outlets.

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The forum will focus on topics such as innovating narratives, promoting online cultural exchanges, and enhancing people-to-people connectivity between China and Africa. Additionally, a China Storyteller Partnerships award ceremony will be held at the sub-forum.

The Forum is being held from April 2 to 3, under the theme “Building a Digital Innovation Partnership and Creating a Better Future for Digital Cooperation.”

According to organizers, the forum will also feature “Sharing Opportunities for Digital Economic Development,” “Expanding China-Africa Online Media Cooperation,” “Building a Solid Barrier for Cybersecurity,” and “Development and Governance of Artificial Intelligence.”

Participants include government officials from China and African countries, African ambassadors to China, international organizations, internet enterprises, and think tank leaders.

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