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Blogger Pauline Njoroge to be charged with hate speech

Jubilee blogger Pauline Njoroge will be charged with hate speech against the state.
This was revealed in court when the prosecution attached a holding charge on a miscellaneous application seeking the court to grant them and order to search her properties.
The prosecuting counsel led by Vivian Kambaga appearing before Chief Magistrate James Mwaniki also withdrew an application to have the three suspects denied bond, a move that was welcome their eight lawyers.
“We are opposed to free bond terms because the offences that the state intents to bring against the accused persons are serious offences and you can see that in the holding charges by inspector Job Wafula. The first accused person is very influential in social media and a huge media presence and followers numbering over 399,000 followers and because of that if the orders we are praying for are not granted, she’ll be able to interfere with investigations,” she said.
The DPP also want the court to order that Pauline deposits her passport in court, a statement that was opposed by the lawyers.
The defence lawyers argued that the intended charges against the accused persons especially Pauline were ridiculous and not anchored in law.
“The suspects were arrested on allegation of hate speech the state, that is a very worrying statement that individuals are being accused of hate speech against state. If you look at  the definition of hate speech against state in the national cohesion and integration act section 13, you can not have hate speech against state. We must be careful that we are not introducing and amending the law,”  said lawyer Ndwiga Njiru.
The magistrate said that none of the prayers touched on the second and third accused persons saying that they be released indefinitely.
He dismissed the application saying that the applicant was not specific on what was to be searched.
“The issue of her release did not arrive and the only issue was on the bond terms. The court orders that they be released on free bond,” said Mwaniki.
The mention is on Wednesday this week.
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