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Chinese firm Vinchin, partners’ Mitsumi Distribution to tap into Kenyan market

Data protection solutions, Vinchin has announced a strategic partnership with Mitsumi Distribution as part of its plans to tap into the Kenyan market and Africa at large.

The China-based firm, which specializes in developing backup software across the world intends to work closely with like-minded distributors to supply cost-effective and cutting-edge solutions for customers.

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Announcing the cooperation at Mitsumi’s head office in Nairobi, Shall Ao, Vinchin’s Sales Director said the widespread cyberattacks across the world cripple systems, disrupt services, damage reputation, and result in direct financial losses that runs into billions of shillings.

She said there was a need to mitigate the risk, and impact of cyberattacks and data loss urging organizations to implement robust cybersecurity measures and regularly perform data backups.

“Mitsumi Distribution brings on board an in-depth knowledge of the African IT market and a vast network of customers, making it an ideal distributor for Vinchin Backup and Recovery, which is meant to meet the growing demand for a reliable and affordable backup solution in the African market. The cooperation will enable Vinchin to leverage the distributor’s extensive network to reach more customers and increase brand awareness in the region.” Shall Ao explained

The partnership highlights the importance of data protection in today’s fast-paced business world, and underscores both companies’ commitment to providing customers with the best solutions to safeguard their critical data. Mitsumi Distribution will now be able to provide customers with trustworthy and efficient backup and recovery solutions that will ensure business continuity amidst the growing complexity of data.

Mitsumi Distribution Managing Director Mitesh Shah said signing up with Vinchin will ensure customers are able to access top-notch data protection solutions across Africa.

“Vinchin’s commitment to innovation and reliability aligns perfectly with our mission of providing best-in-class technology solutions to our clients. Together, we will empower organizations to optimize their IT infrastructure and protect their valuable data assets.” Shah added.

Mitsumi Distribution is a prominent distributor of IT infrastructure that specializes in telco, networking, hardware, and storage solutions in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. It has a strong presence in 24 countries across Africa, the Middle East, and Europe with over 3200 clients worldwide.

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