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CP Cables, FiberHome to enhance regional internet connectivity


CP Cables has inked a Ksh 760 million distribution deal with Chinese fiber products manufacturer, FiberHome that is expected to increase availability of networking solutions in the region.

Through the two-year deal, FiberHome will leverage CP Cables large infrastructure footprint in the region and as a master distributor of its fiber products in a bid to meet the growing demand for networking solutions especially in Kenya and Uganda.

CP Group Chief Executive Officer Ranjit Thakur lauded the move saying the partnership is critical in enhancing access to quality fiber products to customers at competitive prices as demand for fiber connection rises in both public and private sector in the region.

“We have the ultimate goal of connecting Africa at the best economic price so that the digital economic system gets a boost and we boost every other trade connected to the application of the internet,” said Thakur.

Thakur backs the partnership to further increase internet use in the region by ensuring internet service providers have access to quality fiber products from the Chinese telecommunications giant which is responsible for producing up to 70pc of global fiber optic products.

With the government’s plans to lay additional 100,000km of fiber optic cable, the partnership is also expected to support extension of last mile fiber connectivity within the region.

“With the joint efforts of both parties, our cooperation will be complete success for the East African markets. We will take this cooperation as an opportunity to continuously strengthen exchanges and cooperation and make greater contributions to the development of Kenya’s digital infrastructure,” said Keller Yun, Director FiberHome East Africa.

Kenya has an estimated 1.6 million fiber connections while Uganda has 400,000 connections. FiberHome is also looking at the partnership to strengthen its presence in Africa.

“We have seen a lot of potential in Africa which has the most rapid speed of growth globally. So with that, we see the partnership with CP Cable as the right one,” added Bruce Wang, FiberHome International Deputy CEO.