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CS commends Kenyan nurses for exemplary dedication on International Healthcare Mission

The Cabinet Secretary, Susan Nakhumicha has lauded the dedication and unwavering commitment of Kenyan nurses, acknowledging their status as unsung heroes within the healthcare sector.

Speaking at the Kenyan Nurses’ 2nd Anniversary Flag Off of International Healthcare Mission, the Cabinet Secretary expressed deep gratitude for the substantial contributions made by these nurses to both Kenya and the United Kingdom.

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The CS extended her best wishes for their endeavors abroad. “These nurses epitomize the true spirit of our healthcare sector,” she stated.

Adding that: “Their steadfast commitment and tireless devotion often go unnoticed, yet their impact is immeasurable.”

Selected under the Government-to-Government Bilateral Labor Agreement between Kenya and the United Kingdom, these nurses embody the positive outcomes of international collaboration. Beyond skill exchange, the agreement fosters cross-cultural understanding and strengthens ties between the two nations.

The Bilateral Labor Agreement between Kenya and the United Kingdom showcases the strength of international collaboration and partnerships.

It provides an avenue for the exchange of skills and knowledge within the healthcare field while cultivating a stronger bond between the two nations.

The agreement also promotes cultural exchange and understanding, contributing to addressing challenges within respective healthcare systems, stronger bond between nations, promoting cultural exchange and understanding, while at the same time addressing the challenges in our respective healthcare systems.

On her part, Health PS Mary Muthoni said: “The positive impact of this program will ripple through every facet of Kenya’s healthcare system, reaching both urban and rural areas alike.”

Adding that: “Sending forth these remarkable nurses is a testament to Kenya’s ambition to become a premier hub for health tourism. This vision transcends boundaries and aims to establish world-class healthcare as an integral part of the nation’s identity.”

She reminded them that they are the pioneers of progress and ambassadors of Kenya.

“Your dedication to healthcare advancement, commitment to learning, and passion for nurturing the next generation will leave a profound impact on patients and professionals alike. Your journey will inspire excellence and underscore the quality of healthcare professionals that Kenya produces.”

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