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Experts call for prioritization of climate change mitigation amid emerging threats


Dalberg Advisors, a strategy and policy advisory firm, is calling for the prioritization of clean energy, sustainable automobile and enhanced health infrastructure in the face of adverse effects posed by climate change.

Sunru Yong, a partner at the firm that is working to build a more inclusive and sustainable world where all people can reach their full potential, says there is need for sustainable climate mitigation methods across the world with a focus on the most affected nations to ensure they profit more from related benefits including debt swaps for climate and nature.

“How are they distributed so that if the government is taking a share, accrued benefits are going back to the community in supporting those that are part of the story of generating carbon credits.” Observed Sunru.

And as the debate on debt swaps for climate and nature and carbon offsets continue to dominate global debate, Sunru says Africa has the potential to shape the next century and take a leading global role in addressing challenges in food systems, energy transition, climate change mitigation, and aging populations.

This even as he challenged African countries to take advantage of opportunities presented by the new shift to ensure value flows to countries that need mitigation.

“As countries contribute in the carbon credits, there is opportunity for value to flow to countries that need mitigation, driven by potential for renewable energy”.  Says Sunru.

In the health care sector, Dalberg is advocating for better infrastructure, training and facilitation of health promoters as well effective policies.

The call coming as different countries in Africa including Kenya call for a new paradigm shift in financing climate action to efficiently address challenges of climate change.