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Future of Power hosts first-ever edition in Africa, bringing together global leaders in Nairobi


The “Future of Power” series is set to host its 73rd edition in Nairobi, marking the first time this global forum will be held in Africa. This milestone event will convene over 200 C-suite leaders from Kenya and around the globe for interactive discussions centred on the theme of responsible leadership and the importance of leveraging soft power skills.

For the past 15 years, Future of Power has been a platform dedicated to exploring the evolving dynamics of power and leadership. With editions held in over 72 cities across Asia, America, and Australia, this series has consistently aimed to deepen the understanding of the nature of power, fostering a repository of ideas, insights, and best practices that promote responsible leadership.

Business leaders are encountering a myriad of challenges as they navigate numerous factors such as talent management, regulatory compliance, consumer behaviour changes, and economic uncertainty. The Nairobi edition will offer an opportunity for leaders to discuss innovative approaches to address these challenges and explore new leadership strategies.

Soft power, the ability to influence and attract through persuasion and appeal rather than coercion or force, is increasingly recognized as a critical skill for transformative leaders. The ability to build trust, foster collaboration and inspire others is crucial for executives as they manage diverse teams and cultivate a positive organizational culture.

This approach not only enhances internal cohesion but also strengthens external relationships, making soft power an indispensable asset for any leader aiming to drive meaningful and sustainable change.

According to a 2023 EY Report on Leadership in the Human Digital Age, leadership requirements have shifted significantly from mere technical skills to human-focused capabilities. Traditionally, senior officials were identified and assessed based on their experience, tenure, and business performance. Exercising direct power and giving commands may have defined leadership in the past, but this approach is no longer effective.

Today, leaders are required to think, act, and react differently. This rapid pace of change demands a new kind of leadership that emphasizes competencies such as empathy, adaptability, collaboration, innovation, and problem-solving.

While speaking during the launch event, Future of Power Founder Nizar Juma noted that leadership is the foundation upon which companies, communities and nations are built. He emphasized that effective leadership could foster growth and positive change at every level of society.

“Leadership is an area of great interest for me. Good leadership is the catalyst that drives both business success and societal impact. As we bring the Future of Power to Africa for the first time, we are committed to empowering leaders who will transform not just their companies, but their communities and the world,” said Mr. Juma.

Future of Power Speaker Shivani Verma noted that Nairobi is a vibrant city with a massive influence in the global business landscape, making it the perfect location for this important dialogue on responsible leadership.

“In today’s rapidly changing world, leaders must adapt and embrace soft power skills to effectively guide their organizations and communities. This edition of Future of Power will provide a platform for leaders to share insights and strategies that promote ethical and impactful leadership,” said Shivani.

This edition of the Future of Power series will bring together seasoned global speakers, including the European Union Ambassador to Kenya, H.E. Henriette Geiger, renowned management tutor and author Mike George, as well as distinguished leaders and sought-after speakers Kiuri Mbarathi and Sister Vedanti. These influential voices will provide diverse insights and expert perspectives on the essential theme of responsible leadership, enriching the dialogue with their experience and thought leadership.