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Government to spend Ksh 700M on Kerio Valley projects

Weiwei irrigation scheme

The government is set to spend over 700 million shillings on key projects in the Kerio Valley region.

Kerio Valley Development Authority (KVDA) board Chairperson Mark Chesergon says projects aimed at like the stalled Weiwei irrigation scheme and Lomut in the region will help to grow the agriculture sector.

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Speaking when the KVDA board visited Turkwel area, Chesergon noted that sustainable development through developmental programs will help to reduce incidents of insecurity.

A Director with KVDA Sammy Naporos who accompanied Chesergon, noted that revamping the water supply infrastructure will ensure that households are able to access clean water as well as water needed for irrigation.

Chesergon added that the area has good arable land which can be put under production all year round and in effect boost food security.

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