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Governor Sang under fire as youths demand transparency on billions spent


Nandi Governor Stephen Sang was compelled to address a group of demonstrating Gen-Zs who threatened to storm his office, demanding an explanation for the expenditure of over Ksh 50 billion during his seven years in office.

A standoff ensued at the County Headquarters gate between the Gen-Zs and security officers as the enraged youths insisted on speaking directly to the Governor to present their petition.

In their petition, the Gen-Zs gave the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission a seven-day ultimatum to investigate Governor Sang over what they claimed to be rampant corruption in his administration.

They alleged that billions of shillings had been spent on yet-to-be-completed projects such as the Mother and Baby Hospital, County Government Headquarters, and Kabiyet Milk Processing Plant, among others.

The Nandi Gen-Zs demanded an audit of their national share allocation to verify how the funds have been spent.

In response, Sang stated that he could only account for development money and not the salary allocations that go directly to staff accounts.

The youths also criticized the condition of county-maintained roads, which they described as pathetic despite millions being allocated annually.

They argued that locals were not benefiting from the billions of shillings allocated each year from the national treasury.

In their petition, the Gen-Zs decried the corruption within Governor Sang’s administration, citing a lack of drugs in hospitals and insufficient medical staff. Sang, however, dismissed the corruption allegations as political, noting that audit questions had not found compelling evidence against him.

The Gen-Zs officially presented their petition to Governor Sang, asking him to respond within seven days via County Social Media platforms. They also highlighted the inadequate funding of county sports, which they said hindered youth talent development. Despite Nandi’s reputation for athletics and various sports, the county lacks a modern stadium to nurture these talents.

The youths contested the county records claiming the construction of over 300 Early Childhood Education (ECDE) classrooms, calling them untrue. They also criticized Governor Sang for not paying ECDE teachers according to their qualifications.

Additionally, the Gen-Zs demanded an independent and transparent headcount of the entire county staff to address the issue of ghost workers.

They vowed to continue their peaceful protests until the Governor satisfactorily answered their questions.

Governor Sang, on his part, urged the youths not to destroy property during their protests, reminding them of their constitutional right to peaceful picketing.