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Gov’t expands mass treated nets campaign to Kisii, Nyamira

The launch of the plan marks a significant milestone in the ongoing fight against malaria.

The government, in line with the World Health Organization’s malaria elimination strategies, is expanding the Mass Insecticide Treated Nets Campaign to Kisii and Nyamira Counties.

The two counties are identified as high-risk areas for malaria.

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These counties are among the 22 targeted for the campaign’s distribution efforts.

A multi-sectoral team is actively engaged in advocacy, social mobilization, and household registration in these counties.

To ensure efficiency and transparency, the government is implementing digitization, from registration to the issuance of nets to beneficiaries, through a system called ‘dig-mal.’

This initiative, marked by the slogan ‘Malaria is preventable!’, emphasizes the need for everyone at risk of malaria to sleep under Insecticidal-Treated Mosquito Nets every night and every season.

The call to action, Jiadikishe and Lala ndani ya net, encourages participation in this critical effort to combat malaria.

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