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Kenyan startup Thalia Psychotherapy awarded at VivaTech 2024 in Paris


Kenyan startup Thalia Psychotherapy clinched the top prize in the health tech category at the 2024 VivaTech awards in Paris, France, last weekend.

The event is a big deal in the tech world, known for bringing together the brightest minds to discuss future technologies, including this year’s hot topic: artificial intelligence.

Thalia Psychotherapy award

The French Minister, Chrysoula Zacharopoulou, lauded Thalia Psychotherapy for the award during the
awards ceremony.

She said, “Thalia psychotherapy shows that Africa can find great solutions, tackling the big challenge of mental health with energy and new ideas.”

Her comments highlight the global importance of new, effective solutions coming from Africa, aimed at tackling widespread issues like mental health.”

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The French Ambassador to Kenya, Arnaud Suguet, also congratulated Thalia Psychotherapy on its achievement on his X account.

“Thalia Psychotherapy’s success is a clear sign of the potential African innovators have to make a mark on the world stage. Proud to support and celebrate this pioneering spirit at VivaTech.”

The VivaTech 2024 conference showcased how artificial intelligence and other technologies may change lives, with Elon Musk, founder, CEO, and chief engineer of SpaceX, who attended, giving insights on AI.

Antony Okungu, co-founder and Head of Strategy and Growth at Thalia Psychotherapy, revealed their plans to grow across Africa.

“This recognition at VivaTech boosts our mission to spread our preventative mental health services throughout Africa,” he said.

He also emphasized the target of increasing access to mental health solutions across the continent.

Mercy Mwende, co-founder and COO of Thalia Psychotherapy, also gave her sentiments on the award.

“Winning this award at such a respected international event proves our work is important and effective, even though talking about mental health is still difficult in many places.This will definitely help more hospitals and partners feel confident about joining our mental health program,” she explained.

The support from French leaders at VivaTech 2024 is not just for show; it’s a strong endorsement of Thalia Psychotherapy’s efforts and their potential impact on health.

Thalia Psychotherapy team during the Viva Tech 2024 in Paris last weekend

As the world increasingly turns to technology to solve its biggest challenges, the success of startups like Thalia reminds us of the crucial role innovation plays in improving public health and shows that great ideas can come from anywhere.

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