One-half of the hip-hop duo Gidi Gidi Maji Maji, Julius Owino, better known as Maji Maji, was surprised and proud when he bumped into his son at the protests against the Finance Bill 2024 which took place on Thursday.

The protests, which have largely been galvanised by the young people of Kenya, were aimed at urging Members of Parliament to reject the bill. 

The bill passed 204 to 115 on Thursday.

Sharing a picture of the two, Maji Maji wrote, “The best news that could happen to any parent is that I bumped into my son in the protests!

“It felt very good…we are on the same page!”

He also shared a picture of rapper and founder of Kaka Empire, King Kaka, whom he called “art son.”

“…and also my art son King Kaka hakuwachwa nyuma.”

The two were just a few among the many Kenyan celebrities who joined the demonstrations on Thursday; a list that includes Nyashinski, Nadia Mukami, Breeder LW, Femi One and more.