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Mudavadi calls for harnessing innovation and technology for Africa’s resilience

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi has emphasized the imperative of leveraging innovation and technology to fortify Africa’s resilience and uplift the livelihoods of its people.

Speaking at the Connected Africa Summit in Nairobi, Mudavadi highlighted the transformative potential of innovation, envisioning a future not only for the present but also for future generations.

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As the Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs and Diaspora Affairs, Mudavadi underscored the importance of a three-pronged approach towards Africa’s digital transformation: innovation, collaboration, and action.

“Innovation holds the key to unlocking new opportunities and solutions. Collaboration, spanning borders and sectors, will amplify our efforts, making our aspirations achievable. And decisive, focused action will translate our shared vision into reality, ensuring that the benefits of digital technology permeate every corner of Africa,” he remarked.

Mudavadi emphasized that the evolving Africa embraces technology as a fundamental enabler of economic transformation and social inclusion.

He noted that digital technologies are empowering millions to access quality and affordable services, driving innovation and fostering job creation across various sectors and regions.

Highlighting the theme of the summit, ‘Shaping the Future of a Connected Africa: Unlocking growth beyond connectivity,’ Mudavadi stressed the urgent need for Africa to chart an innovative pathway towards growth and transformation.

He commended Kenya’s role in hosting the conference, affirming the country’s commitment to advancing digital empowerment and inclusivity on the continent.

Mudavadi urged seizing the opportunities presented by the rapidly evolving digital landscape to address Africa’s development challenges and foster inclusive growth.

He emphasized that the Connected Africa Summit 2024 serves as more than just an event but as a beacon of hope and catalyst for transformation, facilitating dialogue, knowledge exchange, and collaboration to bridge the political, economic, and social divides hindering Africa’s progress.

The summit’s tech exhibitions, showcasing innovations from Nairobi’s tech hubs to startups in Lagos and initiatives from Rwanda’s e-governance to Cairo’s digital literacy programs, reflect the strides Africa is making towards a new era of innovation and progress.

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