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Mudavadi: Gov’t keen to turn around Kenya’s economic fortunes

The government is making deliberate efforts to cushion Kenyans from the high cost of living, Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi has said.

Mudavadi assured that corruption and misuse of public funds will not be tolerated within the governments’ framework and urged Kenyans to follow suit and be law abiding citizens.

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“A good country is one that respects the rule of law and that is corruption free. When given a chance to serve, be a servant to the people and not a master of double standards whose agenda is to fulfil self-interests at the expense of service to Kenyans,” Mudavadi stated.

Mudavadi was speaking when he presided over the 44th Vihiga annual cultural festival in Mbale municipal grounds, Vihiga County.

He insisted that turning around fortunes for Kenyans is still the key priority agenda for President William Ruto’s administration.

Although the year has been tough economically to many Kenyans, Mudavadi was optimistic that there is  hope in the near future and called for patience.

“My plea to Kenyans, even as we bid good bye to 2023, is to remain optimistic and support policies of government. The government means well for all Kenyans,” Mudavadi assured Kenyans.

Mudavadi maintained the governments’ position that the Kenya Kwanza administration inherited a dilapidated economy and urged Kenyans not to misinterpret the governments’ position when called upon to tighten their belts for a little while.

“We are making efforts towards stabilizing the economy by all means possible. We promise Kenyans that we shall live up to each and every commitment we made and where we shall face challenges, for sure we will tell Kenyans the truth without hiding any cards under the table,” Mudavadi said.

Adding: “Yes, we agree our predecessors messed up the economy and that is the reality. But we can no-longer continue digging the hole but look for ways of getting out of the hole. As government we were elected by the people to fix the mess not to point fingers and do absolutely nothing.”

He stated that he will be at the fore front to ensure Kenyans have correct information and statistics with regards to the economic situation of the country, having served in previous governments as the minister for finance and in other capacities.

He reiterated that time for blame game is long gone but to rally together as the leadership and as a people and change the course of the country’s economic future.

The Prime Cabinet Secretary said the policies being undertaken by government are geared towards getting the country’s economy back on its competitive lane.

Additionally, he affirmed that President Ruto has laid key strategies including conforming to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank regulations, signing of key economic partnerships with the European Union Economic Partnership Agreement sufficing as good example, and the key talks being held with other countries playing part of the remedies to try and make things work for the better.

“We are looking at alternatives not the norm,” he stated.

Mudavadi also emphasized on the need for Kenyans to be law abiding citizens saying they must invest in peace and stability and embrace togetherness citing that the current economic hardships globally is as a result of the conflicts arising between some nations and races.

Mudavadi who is the patron of the Vihiga “L’loogoli” cultural festival congratulated the initiates who have graduated into adulthood after undergoing the cut early this month.

Under the theme “Eng’embe Ya Mulogooli” Mudavadi told the youth that it is time they properly utilize their skills and talent not forgoing culture to advance their future.

He has called on the diversification of the festival to accommodate the changing times within the society saying there is a need to diversify the festival to take on board young restive minds and talent.

“The youth around the median age of 20 years comprises of at least 70% of Kenya’s current population and if their needs are not addressed through cultural diversification and embracing the changing global technological aspects then the future generations might be disadvantaged in many ways.” he noted.

The Prime CS also told the Western Kenya people that the development agenda promised and agreed upon within the Kenya Kwanza manifesto for the region remains on course.

He pointed out at the stadia and roads in Vihiga as an example of what the government is working towards implementing as the new year begins.

“Let us focus on working for the people and stop these early political campaigns. We have work cut out for us to deliver as leaders, another 3 Christmas celebrations await us before the general elections and that is what the constitution states.” said Mudavadi

The Mbale Municipal grounds where the annual cultural festivals usually take place will be renovated to a public recreation facility under the Vihiga county leadership with key Maragoli Cultural Society sites being set up in the neighbourhood within Mbale Town, the County headquarters for Vihiga County.

This years’ circumcision rites took place on targeted boys after seven years of waiting since 2016. In 2021, circumcision was put on hold due to Covid-19 and in 2022, elders decided not to conduct the rites due to General Elections.

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