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Murang’a leaders call for financial support for sports,want NG-CDF Sports kitty return



A section of elected leaders in Muranga County have urged for enhanced funding of sports to tap talents and create opportunities for the players and stakeholders a like.

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The leaders  observed with regret that after sports allocation in the NG-CDF was removed, support for grassroot teams is likely to wane in the face of tough economic times.

The legislators who included  Mathioya MP Edwin Mugo, Murang’a senator Joe Nyutu and the county woman representative Betty Maina noted money to support sports at villages’ level needs to be increased, not removed or diverted to other activities.

Speaking during the Edwin Mugo Cup finals for boys’ and girls’ soccer teams at Rurii grounds of Mathioya, the leaders underscored the contribution of NG-CDF in promoting sports at ward levels.

Mugo said the kitty had allocated Sh1 million which sponsored 64 teams in his constituency in the current financial year.

“It’s unfortunate the money which was factored for sports in the NG-CDF kitty has been reallocated to facilitate digital hubs in the constituencies. But, sports is also important among young people whom we are trying to help to keep off from indulging in alcoholism and drug abuse,” he added.

Mugo proposed that the sports budget should be included in the National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF) saying the office of woman representative can also play part in sponsoring sports in the counties.

“Despite the scrapping of the sports vote in the NG-CDF kitty, I will embark on sourcing for various organisations and individuals to sponsor sports in my constituency. I appreciate what the games have done to young people in Mathioya and from the games they have played, some of the players have exhibited talents and can also be part of teams that play in the national league,” noted the MP.

On his part, Nyutu said the Muranga county government should refurbish and construct new sporting facilities so as to give the youth a chance.

He said in Murang’a there are few grounds which can be used for games calling for rehabilitation of stadiums which have been neglected for a long time.

“Sports is important especially among young people. Considering the alcoholism and drug menace in this region, more resources are needed to engage youths in sporting activities,” added Nyutu.

The senator further asked the sports ministry to consider building a national stadium in Murang’a observing that for lack of such a stadium, the county has been left out in hosting national events as well as international sporting championships.

Muranga county woman representative Betty Maina on her part  noted that digital hubs can be done and operationalized within two financial years then after that the money be reverted back to the sports kitty.

Ms Maina said once the hubs are operationalised, the continuous funding to the hubs may be unnecessary, underscoring the need to redirect the money to fund sports.

“The digital hubs can be financed for two financial years then the vote for sports in the NG-CDF kitty be re-established. This will ensure grassroot teams have sports kits among other necessities,” she added.

During the final Kairo FC beat Nyagiti FC 3-0 to lift the Edwin Mugo Football Tournament. In the women’s category Kiamutiri defeated  Thuita 2-0 to emerge champions.

by Bernard Munyao KNA, Muranga






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