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My administration won’t influence courts for favourable rulings –  Ruto

The Executive will not spend money to get good decisions from the Judiciary, President William Ruto has said.

The head of state says his administration will, instead, fight corruption in the Department of Justice so Kenyans can easily access justice.

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“Some people have told me to set aside some money, like the previous Government, to settle judicial matters. I told them I don’t have a budget. Instead, we will fight corrupt judicial officers,” said President Ruto.

He is adamant that the time has come for corruption to be dealt with firmly and decisively at the Judiciary

And he insists that the independence of the Judiciary should not be used as a pretext to deprive Kenyans of development, saying it is their constitutional right.

According to Ruto, the Judiciary is accountable to the Kenyan people, and cannot therefore be seen to be involved in issues that undermine development projects.

“We will ensure that we all respect the sovereignty of the people of Kenya. When I say, and I repeat, that we must deal firmly with corruption in the judiciary, I mean that. We will completely root out corruption in the judiciary,” President Ruto said.

Ruto who was speaking in Uasin Gishu County during the launch of affordable housing projects reiterated his claim that some judicial officials are sabotaging government initiatives aimed at bringing about change in Kenya, adding that some of the programmes are aimed at fulfilling the requirements of Article 43 of the Constitution which obliges the Government to provide economic and social rights, including decent housing and universal health care.

President Ruto says the implementation of affordable housing and universal health programs will continue unabated.

He says some corrupt individuals were hiding behind the courts to hamper the Government’s efforts to change the lives of ordinary Kenyans.

He said it was wrong for some independent institutions to undermine programs that are directly beneficial to the lives of Kenyans.

“With great respect, we want a country where independent institutions work in harmony for the benefit of all Kenyans,” Ruto said.

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