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Nakuru: Police intensify crackdown on criminal gangs, nab crude weapons

Police in Nakuru are holding in custody 78 more people linked to notorious gangs that have been causing terror in the city in recent weeks.

Confirming the development, Nakuru County Commissioner Loyford Kibaara said among those in custody is a suspected gang leader of Mauki gang, a group police are associating with the Confirm gang, an infamous online fraud group.

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Kibaara said the suspected kingpin will face charge, including being a member of an outlawed group, as well as being in possession of crude weapons with the intention to commit a felony.

The weapons, which were displayed at Kaptembwo Police Station, included machetes, knive, blunt metal objects, bows and arrows, hammers and electric Taser, among others.

These arrests follow what the Administrator termed as a change of leadership at the Kaptembwo Police Station.

Police have reported that three people have died in a series of intense gang wars involving three gangs; Mungiki, Confirm, Mauki and TZ gangs, following the mysterious murder of a gang leader.

Kibaara expressed concern about the high number of teenagers being recruited into the gangs and urged parents to keenly observe the behavior of their teenage sons’ and seek assistance from professional counselors.

He assured residents of Ponda Mali, Top 10, Sewage, Stima Line, Jasho, Posta and Grogon, where the crimes were rampant, that officers who may have colluded with criminals will be identified and punished.

According to Police reports, a total of 380 suspects have been arrested over the past three weeks in sting operations conducted in Nakuru Town West and East Sub-Counties.

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