In a captivating fusion of talent, East Africa’s distinguished artists, Femi One and Nyashinski, announce their latest track ‘Under the Influence.’ The single is the second collaboration by the two. 

With an impressive track record of hit singles and a massive fan base, both Femi One and Nyashinski have consistently showcased their exceptional artistry. This collaboration is expected to elevate their status as leading figures in the African music landscape.

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‘Under the Influence’ promises a harmonious fusion of musical genres and a lyrical depth that resonates with audiences of all backgrounds. The audio production by Motif Di Don is nothing short of stellar, as he infuses the track with an infectious rhythm that will undoubtedly have listeners dancing to its beats.

Complementing the audio is a visually stunning music video directed by Steve Mugo, a visionary in the art of storytelling through visuals. His creative direction promises to deliver a visual narrative that is as compelling as the song itself.

Speaking on the latest release, Dennis Njenga, Head of Talent at Kaka Empire said “ This collaboration is not just a song, it represents a movement for Femi One’s and Nyashinki’s fans, we are confident the fans will resonate with the song for years to come!” 

The release of ‘Under the Influence’ is set to make waves in the music industry, and fans are eagerly anticipating this collaboration between Femi One and Nyashinski. The track and its accompanying music video are now available on all major streaming platforms, allowing fans to experience the magic of this musical partnership.

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