Rwandese singer Murwanashyaka Nzabonimana popularly known as Isacco has traversed life’s peaks and valleys, emerging as a beacon of inspiration and triumph in the music industry.

Isacco had to go into exile in Kenya in 1994 following the war in Rwanda, which separated him from his parents when he was only three years old.

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He later moved to France where launched his music career as a member of IC-KS music group.

“I used to spend hours in my cousin’s studio,” he says.

“I was fascinated by the way he worked on recording different well known Kenyan artists.

“One day, he made a beat and he made me listen and sing, it was my first time recording a song.

“I was very excited to listen to my voice. But I had to leave Kenya to continue with my studies in France.

“While in France together with my friends we formed a group.”

The group’s existence was brief, spanning only three years before their breakup.

“Towards the end of 2015, because of work and studies no one had time anymore. I decided to continue music as a solo artiste,” says Isacco.

Isacco’s latest single delves into his unique life experiences, offering a glimpse into his world with a seamless fusion of captivating beats and heartfelt storytelling.

“The song is about my journey, filled with highs and lows. Despite the challenges, I persevered, maintaining a positive mindset to reach my goal. While the path wasn’t easy, nothing is impossible with determination.

“The key is to stay focused and work hard. There will be discouragement, skepticism, and loneliness, but this is where one must never give up.

“Finding peace within yourself during such moments is gratifying, especially when you prove doubters wrong with unexpected achievements.” Isacco adds.

Isacco is currently working on his second album set to drop at the end of this year.

Boniface Mwalii
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