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SaSa Pay and MedSource Partners to automate healthcare services


Private healthcare organizations and other healthcare stakeholders can now use the Sasa Pay mobile money platform in order to increase revenue and boost customer satisfaction.

Sasa Pay has partnered with Media Source Group to connect pharmacies to Sasa Pay payment platform in order to accelerate their growth and make payments at the most affordable cost.

Over 5 million patients through the over 770 subscriber community pharmacies and private healthcare enterprises countrywide are serviced by the Med Source Group annually.

“This payments technology is specifically designed for the healthcare industry to simplify processes and reduce costs for hospitals, pharmacies, health systems providers, clinics, consultants and other players in the sector by accelerating their revenue cycle, boost customer satisfaction and collect more,” said SasaPay deputy CEO and Chief Operating Officer Daniel Njoroge

According to MedSource Group Chief Executive Officer Vinod Guptan, the partnership will enable MedSource unlock business opportunities through multiple and seamless financial solutions by connecting one service provider to another and create a synergy in the medical ecosystem.

“Our goal is to strengthen the capacity of our members to improve the management of their businesses and thereby offer more value to Kenyans seeking medical services countrywide,” he said.

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