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Tone down on abuses, redirect energies to serving electorate, politicians urged


Machakos Deputy Governor Francis Mwangangi has urged politicians across the political aisle to tone down on abuses and redirect their energies to serving the electorates.

Deputy Governor Mwangangi told politicians to cease bickering calling for etiquette in both the government and opposition sides.

“Abusing one another doesn’t add any value to you. I want us to be sober, we debate. Politics should be about who has better policies to transform a country, county, constituency or a ward not about who abuses the other the loudest or unthinkable terms,” said the Deputy Governor.

He observed that many politicians have deviated from the main call for leadership.

The deputy governor also advocated for more resources to be devolved to county governments to spur economic growth and for Kenyans to have clean, quality water, better roads, and better hospitals.

“We need to focus on giving more resources to counties so that these counties can provide the basics to masses at the grassroots level. We need fewer resources at the national level and more for devolution,” said Mwangangi.

“I urge the national government where the constitution has devolved services or functions to stop doing it. Because today the national government does everything disregarding everything,” he added.

He called for national conversations for a win-win solution to the revenue-sharing discourse on the ongoing debate being championed by the deputy president Hon Rigathi Gachagua, the one-man-one-vote-one-shilling to allocate resources in the counties.

The Machakos Deputy Governor spoke during a meeting for Machakos County Government employees at the Kenya School of Government Mombasa campus.

The DG said the Wiper leader Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka presidential bid 2027 is in full throttle and the party is making new inroads in all counties through grassroots mobilization to popularize the agenda.

Mwangangi,further said Azimio is strengthening individual parties ahead of 2027 through grassroots elections and recruiting of new members to join the fold.

The DG hinted a meeting of 35 political parties within Azimio met to chat way forward to formation on a new super alliance






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