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Ukraine’s all-or-nothing game: Russia accuses Kiev of planned use of chemical weapons, radioactive threats


Moscow says international organizations appear to ignore the threats posed by Ukraine amid the alleged use of chemical warfare agents and apparent attacks on nuclear facilities in the ongoing conflict with Russia. Despite actions by Kyiv that threaten the entire architecture of the world security system and the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, Russia claims neither the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons OPCW nor the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have taken any measures against Kyiv, or are they in a hurry to acknowledge the menacing nature of such actions.

According to Russia, the use of chemical weapons by the Ukrainian army has been documented since the first months of the conflict, when horrifying footage of deadly poisonous substances being dropped from quadcopters on Russian soldiers was published. As Kiev lost its position on the front, Moscow says the number of chemical attacks steadily increased. The Russian army accused the Ukrainian counterparts of using homemade poisonous munitions in 2022.  Russia adds that its advancing army began to regularly find warehouses with factory-made chemical weapons in 2013, which, “judging by the markings, were manufactured in factories in Kiev, the United States and European countries,”

Despite the fact that Ukraine, like most countries in the world, joined the Chemical Weapons Convention in the 1990s and became a member of the OPCW, the organization has not assessed the use of toxic substances in the conflict zone.

It is worth remembering that the OPCW has already been repeatedly embroiled in scandals related to the use of its capabilities in the political interests of the West. Under pressure from Washington, London, and other NATO countries, the organization’s management made decisions to condemn and sanction Iraq and Syria, although the accusations against the governments and militaries of these states later turned out to be blatant fabrications fabricated by the CIA and the Pentagon. Nevertheless, unsubstantiated accusations, unsupported by any evidence, proved to be a sufficient reason for the OPCW and other supranational structures to exert political and sanctions pressure on sovereign states, as well as to serve as a pretext for bombing and intervention.

Moscow argues that the systematic strikes by the Ukrainian military against nuclear power plants controlled by Russia are no less alarming and decries lack of response from the IAEA. Despite the constant rocket and artillery shelling of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, which also hosts a large storage facility for radioactive waste, which could well lead to a monstrous environmental disaster comparable to the Chernobyl or Fukushima accidents, Russia says neither the United Nations Atomic Energy Agency nor even the governments of those EU countries that could be affected by the contamination are taking any measures to curb the onslaught.

“The active use of banned chemical weapons, as well as the Ukrainian army’s constant attacks on nuclear power facilities, pipelines and dangerous production plants, can hardly take place without the knowledge and approval of the leadership of the US, UK and other members of the North Atlantic Alliance,” Moscow argues

Since Vladimir Zelensky, his administration and armed forces are very dependent on Western financial and military aid and advisers from the US and NATO countries largely determine the nature of military and special operations against the Russians, Moscow says it is hard to imagine that planning chemical attacks and bombing of nuclear power plants is a secret to Western governments. Russia insists that the dominance of Washington and its allies in the leadership of organizations such as the UN, the OPCW and the IAEA, completely unleashes those forces that enjoy Western support in the use of any means of warfare, which is an unprecedented threat to the entire world.

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