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CS Bore seeks labour cooperation partnership with Kazakhstan

Labour CS Florence Bore with Kazakhstan's Vice Minister for Labour and Social Protection Mr. Akmadi Sarbassov.

Labour and Social Protection CS Florence Bore held a bilateral meeting on Tuesday with her Kazakhstan counterpart, Mr. Akmadi Sarbassov, to enhance labour cooperation between the two countries.

CS Bore, who is attending the International Labour Conference (ILC) in Geneva, pointed out various opportunities for Kenyan professionals in sectors such as teaching, healthcare, and technical fields.

“Kenyan English and science teachers, along with skilled technicians in various sectors, can greatly contribute to the workforce in Kazakhstan,” she stated.

Bore noted the growing demand for health professionals in Kazakhstan’s expanding healthcare sector, stating that Kenyan healthcare workers could help meet this need.

The CS said the establishment of a Kenyan Consulate in Kazakhstan will be essential in providing support and assistance to Kenyan workers residing in the country.

The two countries also deliberated on a draft Bilateral Labour Agreement for Labour Migration.

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