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Doctors perform first laparoscopy in Kirinyaga

Dr. Madaraka Ogoye, and other surgeons from Kimbimbi hospital during surgery exercise.

The County Government of Kirinyaga has marked yet another milestone in the medical field as doctors performed the first minimally invasive surgery in the county at the Kimbimbi Sub-County Hospital. 

This milestone has come barely a month after the first spinal surgery in the county was successfully operated at Kerugoya County and Referral Hospital.

The laparoscopic cholecystectomy was performed on a 39-year-old woman from Gathigiriri ward. The patient who was suffering from cholecystitis is stable and now recuperating in the ward after a successful surgery.

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy is a term for a type of surgery to remove the gallbladder when one has gallstones.

The groundbreaking medical procedure is a step forward for Governor Anne Waiguru’s elaborate Comprehensive Healthcare Coverage strategy that is aimed at ensuring that county residents access quality and affordable healthcare services within the county.

After the undertaking the successful laparoscopy, Dr. Madaraka Ogoye, who was the lead surgeon said that the surgery was a breakthrough in the county’s medical care provision. He said that minimally invasive procedure is effective and more cost-effective compared to conventional open surgery.

“Minimal invasive surgery doesn’t make big cuts on patients since we use specialized equipment to make small incisions, through which we carry out the surgery. Smaller incisions mean less pain, faster recovery, quicker return home, back to work quickly, and all this means that overall, minimally invasive surgery is cost-effective, as the shorter the stay at a hospital, the cheaper it is,” he said.

Dr. Ogoye emphasized the global trend towards minimally invasive surgeries due to their benefits, including reduced morbidity associated with open surgeries, faster recovery times, and cost-effectiveness. He termed the surgery as the first of its kind that has been introduced in the county as the world transitions from open surgery.

He thanked the Kirinyaga County government for allowing him to undertake postgraduate studies where he acquired skills in general surgery as well as minimally invasive surgery. He also thanked the county government for providing a conducive environment and equipment to carry out such an operation.

The doctor said that there were plans to collaborate with other counties on building the capacity of doctors and other medical cadres to build teams that can safely and effectively provide minimally invasive surgeries in various counties.

Commenting on this milestone, the County Executive Committee Member of Health, George Karoki, commended the first laparoscopy in the county noting that Kirinyaga was on the right trajectory as far as the provision of medical services is concerned and is fast moving in the adoption of modern technology and medical advancement.

The CECM expressed gratitude to Governor Waiguru for creating an enabling environment for such advancements.

Governor Waiguru has said that the county government is committed to the improvement of health infrastructure as well as service delivery.

She said that Kimbimbi Hospital is set to be upgraded to a Level Four Hospital after the construction of a modern state-of-the-art complex that is expected to be opened by the close of the current financial year.

“The new facility will accommodate modern theaters that will enable the medics to carry out complex procedures which will reduce the number of referrals to Kerugoya Level Five Hospital thus reducing congestion at the facility,” she said.

Kianyaga Hospital is also set for upgrading to Level Five once the upcoming medical operation is operationalized. The new hospital complexes will each have a 120-bed capacity.

Waiguru emphasized her unwavering commitment to the improvement of county healthcare provision as well as human resource capacity building saying more medics will be hired this year.