The Simpsons is the longest-running scripted TV show in history!

US network Fox released the trailer for the 35th season of The Simpsons on Monday night. The extended clip, which runs for one minute and seventeen seconds, gives us a glimpse of Homer Simpson, his wife Marge, and their children Bart, Lisa and Maggie ahead of the season’s release on October 1.

A synopsis of the first episode called “Homer’s Crossing” shows that the patriarch of the family is up to his same old shenanigans.

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“Feeling worthless at work, Homer volunteers to be a school crossing guard. But when his safety squad receives too much funding, the crossing guards become a force to be feared,” reads part of the synopsis.

Meanwhile, the season description explores Marge’s crisis as she comes to terms with Bart’s childhood coming to an end and we see Lisa in the future.

“This season Marge experiences a series of nightmares about young Bart’s childhood coming to an end; Lisa recounts the story of how Homer was scapegoated for a power outage that plunged Springfield into darkness days before Thanksgiving;” the release says.

With over 700 episodes, The Simpsons is the longest-running scripted show in Television history.


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